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Fyouture is on a mission to change the way we create, share, and relive life’s special moments.


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Fyouture is your next generation bridge

Fyouture allows users to send messages to the future and into space! Share memories with your future grandkids, receive personal messages from a deceased parent, pass on life lessons and treasured memories to future generations. You can also manage ‘Predictions’ – the possibilities are limitless!
Our Value

What Makes Us Unique

Fyouture is the only mobile app that aggregates messages for the purpose of sending these messages into the distant future (1-50+ years) and/or into space. These messages will help preserve the memories, experiences and values of our users. Fyouture is a unique way to offer guidance, encouragement, or simply to share thoughts and emotions.
Another unique feature within the app is called ‘Predictions’. Fyouture helps users create and track accuracy of their predictions. This feature promotes a competitive environment where users compete with others to accurately predict stock prices, sports events, fashion trends, album rankings and so much more..

Features of Our app

Bridging Generations and Preserving Legacies

Time Capsule Messaging

Record and send personal messages, life lessons, and memories to be delivered to future generations.

Legacy Connections

Receive messages from deceased family members, allowing for a continued sense of presence and connection.

Life Event Documentation

Document life events like weight loss journeys, career achievements, or personal milestones.

Digital Time Travel

Use the app to send experiences from the present into the future, cementing digital legacies for later viewing and sharing.


Placing your name on a walkway, tree, or park bench is common. Bridging the depths of space with your name, message and memories is something else altogether.


Predictions can be made about a wide range of fun and engaging topics that capture users' interest and spark their imagination. Are you ready to predict your future?

Why us

Why our App is so popular

Discover the reasons driving Fyouture’s popularity.

  • World Class Customer Service
  • Seamless User Experience
  • Empower Your Legacy
  • Preserve Moments
  • Transcend Time and Space
  • Personalized Journey



Our name, Fyouture, was chosen to reflect how we strive for this mobile app to be more than just a memory keeper. We believe each person’s life is an original story, and we aim to help you tell yours. When you share your memories, we want them to be more meaningful—to be more than just pictures and videos. We want them to be stories that can live on beyond your lifetime. Fyouture believes in the power of love beyond time, and our innovation in mobile apps ensures your cherished memories, moments, and life events never fade away.
The possibilities are as limitless as the imagination of users. Some of the most common Social Experiences we’ve encountered are:
  • Birthdays: Relive and share these noteworthy and significant days with your loved ones anytime in the future, no matter how distant or far off.
  • Weddings: View weddings and anniversaries 10, 20, or even 25 years after the fact and reminisce on love-filled moments across your entire relationship.
  • Graduations: Save these career and life-defining moments for future viewing.
  • Sports: Revisit winning moments in 10-25 years from now and relive or share the highlights of your sports achievements.
  • Death/Eulogy: This Social Experience allows users to deliver heartfelt messages to loved ones, in the event of their passing on.
  • Other (Memorable moments): Save, share, and cherish your life’s most memorable and valuable moments, such as a child’s first words or steps, marriage proposals, and major events for viewing in the distant future.
Fyouture minimizes requested personal data. We do monitor how people use the app so we can make it better. However, we can’t tell who you are when you use the app or send us feedback through it. If you choose to sign up for our service, your email is stored separately from any app usage data or feedback.

When you visit or interact with our sites, services, applications, tools or messaging, we or our authorized service providers may use cookies, web beacons, and other similar technologies to make your experience better, faster and safer and to allow us to continuously improve our services and applications. Any personal information or data collected by these technologies is used only by us or by our authorized service providers on our behalf, and you always have full control over these technologies by adjusting your device settings (e.g., blocking of cookies on your browser).

No. Fyouture is designed, written, and edited by humans. Everyone sees the same content when using Fyouture.

For starters, Fyouture does not believe in traditional business models and aims to be ‘for the people’. An example of this principle can be seen in the company’s compensation structure. All employees receive equity (a minimum of one share) – a unique compensation structure aimed at differentiating the company from others. We strongly believe that anyone working at an organization should share in its success, regardless of job titles.

Absolutely not. There’s nothing new about sending messages into space. As early as the 19th century, crazy astronomers like Von Littrow were coming up with some pretty weird ideas to let aliens know about us. Von Littrow’s idea was to dig trenches in the Sahara Desert, fill them with kerosene and light it all on fire to become visible to the rest of the universe, or to our neighbors in the solar system at least. While this idea was never attempted, it must be noted that as fast as light is, it does take some time to go from one place to another. Thus, an alien civilization living a million light years away from us and observing the planet wouldn’t have seen Von Littrow’s fiery message for a million years.

While there were a few attempts here and there, the world really started taking interest in sending space massages after the commercialization and government usage of radio. In 1962, Russian scientists were the first to send messages into space with a radio message that said, “Peace from SSSR and the world.” The message was never meant to be an actual message expected to be discovered by any life forms out there, but rather an inauguration step in the use of radio frequencies to send messages beyond the planet. The technology later matured into planetary radars that were used for mapping objects away from the Earth.

Dr. Frank Drake and Carl Sagan orchestrated the next wave of messages to space. The team of scientists sent binary codes that translated to stick figures depicting the human life form, and DNA structures over radio. The president of Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence (METI) called these messages “snapshots” of who we were as a species. The signal sent by the team had an extremely high intensity of radio signals so if it passed by any civilization capable of detecting radio waves, it would be detected. Noteworthy to mention is that it would take around 25,000 light years to reach the cluster of stars it was targeted at..

Even Jimmy Carter, ex-President of the United States, recorded a message as an intergalactic letter in a bottle to space. The goal was to inform any lifeforms that were to ever encounter and explore this floating piece of human technology about us and our planet – “This is a present from a small, distant world, a token of our sounds, our science, our images, our music, our thoughts and our feelings. We are attempting to survive our time so we may live into yours.”

In the event that we cannot find an established space industry partner before 2028, all collected media for the “Interstellar” Social Experience will be permanently deleted to preserve and maintain our users’ privacy. Official ‘certificates of data destruction’ will be issued by an independent and reputable third party who will also send notifications to the relevant users. Please refer to our terms and conditions for additional information.

Fyouture contains an interesting feature called ‘Predictions’. Thie feature is designed to help users make predictions about various events and outcomes. It allows users to log their predictions, track their accuracy over time, and compete with friends to see who can make the most accurate predictions.
Fyouture lets you enter your predictions for a wide range of topics, such as sports, stocks (price target) and more. As events unfold, you can evaluate the accuracy of your predictions. The app calculates your accuracy rate (%) and provides insights into your forecasting skills over time.
Yes, we encourage you to compete with your friends. Set the topic, event details, and prediction deadline. Once the event concludes, see who among your friends had the most accurate foresight and bragging rights.
The ‘Predictions’ feature offers many benefits. It helps you refine your forecasting abilities, provides insights into your decision-making process, and lets you learn from both accurate and inaccurate predictions. Engaging in challenges with friends adds a competitive and fun element while honing your predictive skills.


We Take Care Of Your Memories

Useful features

Enhance your messages by attaching photos, videos, and audio recordings to create multimedia-rich capsules.

Family Trees

Build a comprehensive family tree that spans across generations, connecting relatives and their stories.

Future Predictions

Send predictions, aspirations, or personal reflections into the future, allowing your descendants to witness your thoughts on what lies ahead.

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